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500 KV Gas Insulated Line

Broken Insulator Repair

Fly Yard - 240 KV

Flying in Towers

Hanging Blocks and Stringing

Hanging Out On Site

Heli Work

Implo Photos

1. Implo
3. Implo
2. Implo

Line Modifications - Tower Removal

8. And the base
7. Going down
6. Moving to lay down
5. Up and away
2. Hooking up
4. Lift off
1. Setting up
3. Taking the load

Mono Pole

Mono Pole Crossing

4. Mono Pole Crossing
7. Mono pole Crossing
6 Mono Pole Crossing
5. Mono Pole Crossing
3. Mono Pole Crossing
2. Mono Pole Crossing
1. Mono Pole Crossing

Sheet Pile Landing for New Tower

4. Sheet Pile Foundation
5. Sheet Pile Foundation
2. Sheet Pile Foundation
3. Sheet Pile Foundation
1. Sheet Pile Foundation

Stacking Towers

Stringing OPGW on 500 KV Towers

Substation Civil Works

Substation Pics

Tower Foundations

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