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Green Energy

Increasingly there are more opportunities to incorporate green energy and other sustainable practices into new projects. The challenge has been to determine which products make sense and how can they best be incorporated. PowerOn has accepted this challenge and is focused on helping clients to get the best value out of these new technologies.

New Product Evaluation and Application

Picking the right green technology for a project is difficult.  New developments in green energy are announced almost every day. Identifying which ones are a real break through and which are green washing of existing technology is often hard to determine. Adding to this challenge are often competing technologies in similar areas and in the early days of any new advancement it is often difficult to pick the one that will ultimately become the standard adopted by consumers. PowerOn understands these challenges and is here to support clients through the decision process with research and evaluation of products.

The application of green energy is also a challenge.  Who will install it?  Will it be compatible with other equipment?  Will it require additional maintenance?  These are challenging questions and require careful consideration when incorporating green energy systems.  PowerOn is pleased to be able to offer its services to help clients find solutions to these challenges and to support our clients efforts to incorporate more sustainable energy into their operations.

Product Supply New Product

We understand that obtaining some of these new green products is challenging and time consuming. To relieve some of these issues we are actively putting prearranged supply contracts in place and allowing clients to order equipment through these agreements.

Through these arrangements we will provide our clients with greater purchasing power and faster delivery.

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